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Best Dress Shoes For Men: You Must Have These

Best Dress Shoes For Men – A Dress shoes is a shoe to be worn at formal events like corporate and office meetings or your formal parties.

-1- Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are the most basic and simple shoes, that every men should have in their wardrobe. These shoes are basically available in two primary colors but you can also buy them in other colors also. But remember that, you must go for black and brown/tan initially because these are the most versatile colours, and are more towards formal side. If you wear these super sexy shoes with your suit, then you are definitely going to rock the party.

-2- Monk-strap Shoes

Best Dress Shoes For Men

Frankly speaking, these shoes are one of my personal favorites. Because these shoes are just amazing you can pair them with any outfit you can possibly think of, whether it is your suit, chinos, denim, formal or semi-formal trousers etc. If you are building your wardrobe for a long run you can invest a bit more in these shoes. The thing i like about these monk-straps is easy on-an-off. But keep in mind that monk-straps are not considered as fully formal shoes, but they are considered appropriate in business formal category.

-3- Leather Brogue Shoes

We all must have these shoes, almost every fashion geek have a pair of leather brogues. The thing which makes these shoes special is ” versatility “. These shoes rocks with every outfit from a three piece suit to a casual jeans. The perforations on this shoe upper adds a bit chunk, which transform a simple shoe into a essential brogue. Brogues are less formal than oxfords but still, without these shoes your wardrobe is incomplete. An interesting about brogues is  brogues were initially designed with real holes to drain out water. 

Best Dress Shoes For Men

so these are the best dress shoes for men, my recommendation to you is that get these two basic colors and if you have a bit more budget for your wardrobe, you can invest in buying suede loafers, these are slightly casual but you must have these to complete your wardrobe. If you have a tight budget invest in these above mentioned shoes and you will not regret buying these.

Best dress shoes for men – how many should a men own?

The answer is it depends, yes. See if you have good budget you should invest in these basic shoes first, then you can go for more options. There is no hard and fast rule to buy dress shoes.

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